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I believe we are each a part of God.

I believe God universally and unconditionally loves us all.

Each one of us – no matter where we were born, what color our skin, what faith we grew up in or currently believe – we are loved and cherished as God’s beloved children.

I believe that all paths based on kindness, compassion, good and right action lead to God.

I believe that we humans create war and poverty, not God. It is our lack of understanding, compassion and ego that makes us feel separate from each other, and separate from God.

God does not love one of us more than another. Ever.

God loves us, every single one of us, no matter what we have done. God is the source of our greater understanding, our awareness that we are all connected by His spark. The spark of divinity that exists in every single human being on earth.

I believe it is our task to remember That One and recognize That One in each other.

I believe it is our challenge to be respectful of the multitude of ways we find our path to God, to our enlightenment, our peace, our inner joy and contentment.

I believe there is a brilliant power within each of us that yearns to do good, to connect with our fellow humans, to serve, to uplift, to inspire.

I believe we all want a world that is kind and safe and works together for the good of all.

I believe that how we shape our lives, our personal choices, our words, actions and thoughts have the power to create change for the better of all humanity.

I believe listening to each other, without judgement, is the key to our own happiness.

I believe respect, sincere open hearts and active listening can lead to conversations of understanding and raised consciousness.

I believe if we live the basic simple good truths we can have a marvelous, joy filled life.

My beliefs are my own. Yours are yours. I don’t need to change you, and you don’t need to change me. All we need do is listen to each other with respect.

As long as we harm no one, as long as we do not feel the need to control anyone, and can respectfully worship, pray, chant, sing, write, express our beliefs – then we can live peacefully together.

We are Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Sufi, Suni, Catholic, Methodist, Conservative, Reformist, Yogis, Nuns, Swamis, Priests, Ministers, Tribal, Monotheist, Buddhist and more – we are millions of religions and spiritual paths – each path in its true form speaks of love, compassion and forgiveness. If all of us can recognize in each other the same spark of God that truly makes us all One, then we can accept each other’s path and live peacefully together on this magnificent planet that was created for All.

I believe God loves us, and that we each express God’s love back out into the world through our own individual unique personality and soul.

Swami Baba Muktananda, my Guru and Spiritual Teacher would say;

This is the simple key to our understanding each other. Remembering that the magnificent light that is in you, is in everyone else, too.

We are all these different types of candles, but we all light up the same way through the flame of God.

Baba would say this phrase at the beginning and end of his talks:

With great respect and great love, I welcome you all, with all my heart.

Thank you for listening. Let us be kind to each other. That alone is something that can change the world - one word, one action, one step at a time.

Amen. Om. Insha’Allah. Shalom. Shanti. Peace. Paz.

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