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We each have a unique experience of this oft-abused little word, but when you look at it in it’s pure form, and get to the essence of what it means, it’s as large as the cosmos. Limitless. Endless. All encompassing. Expansive.

People say the word, lightly, in greeting, or conversation. It’s used to comfort us when we’re scared or feeling less than confident in ourselves. We paste it on Valentines, Birthday cards, Christmas cards, Sympathy cards – and we mean it in each of it’s myriad forms to express our heartfelt emotion.

It can be used to lie to us, to cheat us, to trick us into thinking someone, or something is true, and it turns out later, it’s false. It can be used to cajole, to inspire, to uplift – and when used that way, it is a magnificent powerful tool that can push us forward, take us out of fear and into courage.

This sweet little word is not just roses and wine and chocolates or expensive gifts - though those gestures are beautiful. It’s when you’re sick with the flu, bags under your eyes, completely unappealing without makeup, dirty hair, sweaty brow and your husband brings you soup, or tea, and sits quietly on the bed, just holding your hand, and looking at you with deep compassion. That’s when it’s real. That’s when you know the other person is truly living what the word is all about – without judgement, criticism, complaint – just being there to help, comfort, care.

It reaches out like a pair of strong, comforting arms during those tough times in life, when death shows up unexpectedly, or when an accident changes the course of a beloved one’s life. When finances are stretched to the max and fear comes creeping up to knock on your confidence it quietly stands behind you, a pillar of strength and assurance. That’s when the expansive expression of this tiny, powerful word comes to full fruition. That’s when you know what love is truly about. Your family steps up to the plate, they check on you, make sure you’re okay. Take care of things, go with you to doctor’s appointments, or listen to you as you cry your heart out.

Those are the times when you know you are truly loved. It shows up when someone you haven’t heard from in a long time contacts you because they want you to know how big an impact you made in their life years ago. It is there when your daughter calls and shares all her trials and tribulations of figuring out life, and tells you how much she loves and appreciates you. It quietly appears when your husband brings you flowers, and a tender note and it isn’t your Birthday or Mother’s Day… it’s just Tuesday, and he wanted you to know how much he is grateful to have you in his life. Your Daddy calls and says he’s worried cause he knows you have a lot going on in your life and he wants to make sure you’re okay. Your life long companions, those integral built-in best friends you call sisters reach out to let you know they empathize and assure you you’re doing the right thing in difficult decisions. These are the treasures, the real, honest-to-goodness expressions of God manifesting in humankind. Gentleness, compassion, understanding, patience all in that one little word, Love.

I am so grateful. For all the beautiful people that have lifted me when I’ve been down, held my hand, listened when I needed to cry or vent, inspired, encouraged and been there for me - whole-heartedly, with great kindness, souls shining with Light. Thank you. With all my heart, and with all my deepest love, thank you. I am very, very grateful.

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